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Our commitment

Delivering highest quality work the first time, everytime and on time.
Meeting industry safety standards, caring and protecting clients property
Experienced and specialised team
Caring for the environment

As a family operated business, BAL Pressure Cleaning was formed to provide professional pressure cleaning in residential and commercial areas, including community facilities (sports ground, schools etc). We pride ourselves in delivering efficient and gold standard pressure cleaning services, while catering to our client’s needs and budget.

We service the Ipswich and surrounding areas. As a FULLY INSURED family business, we operate seven days a week, all year round.

We love it when surfaces come to life.

Our team

Our team of Sam, Barry and Amelia are a close knit, passionate and experienced professional in the area of pressurised cleaning. We service residential, body corporate and commercial/Industrial areas. We employ suitable combination of pressured water (calibrated to a surface- painted, wooden, concrete etc), gentle biodegradable solutions and/or manual methods to transform surfaces. BAL Pressure Cleaning is FULLY insured (20 million).

We constantly research and invest in the best equipment and pressure cleaning technology to deliver best value for our customers.

Our equipment

We have a range of high end equipment to remove foreign material (dirt, oil/carbon/hydrocarbon stains, mould, graffiti, moss, fungal growth, organic matter, rust etc) from surfaces and bring it to life.

For example, we have an Australian made Spitwater Pressure cleaning delivering suitable water pressure to dislodge and remove any drifty material. Other equipment include the Rotowash, dual lance for soft wash and heavy pressure cleaning, turbo lance, water vacuums etc.

Our promise

We constantly strive to deliver pressure cleaning services to our client’s satisfaction. Our clients are the reason we exist and prosper. They are central to the way we operate.

We promise to respond to our client’s information request (including quotes) in a timely manner and deliver our services within committed time, budget and quality with minimal disturbance to our clients.


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