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A clean and well laid out car park adds to the overall look and feel of any of the build infrastructure. Due to vehicle and human activities, and occasional oil leaks from vehicles, there is a gradual build-up of grease, dirt, carbon, chewing gums, entrenched liquid spills (like paint), moss, organic build-up and other foreign materials in car parks and associated facilities (stairways etc). This also contributes to increased safety and public health risks. We provide professional car park cleaning and car park maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Ipswich and Brisbane. We carry out all our jobs quickly, efficiently and safely,

As a fully insured company (20 Million), BAL Pressure Cleaning has the team on standby with industry best equipment (including range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products) to restore car park, driveways and associated facilities in residential complexes, commercial and industrial areas to its original colours, rendering it spotless and presentable. Our team can work after hours and during weekends to minimise disruptions and enable us to access the car park while it is free or less busy. Furthermore, this alleviates any worry of vehicle damage.

Our satisfied clients vouch for BAL Pressure Cleaning as a leading company for car park cleaning and washing in Ipswich and Brisbane area. We are fully insured (20 Million). We are available all year round, everyday, evening and nights.

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