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Timber is a favourite building material for Australian homes and other built infrastructure, including fences. It provides natural splendour and look allowing it to blend into the environmental surroundings. Timber houses are better that houses made of traditional bricks and concrete in terms of environmental impact and economic efficient. Timber houses are natural, non-petroleum materials that are environmentally sustainable and architecturally versatile. For these reasons, timber is a preferred choice of material for construction, including for fences.

Timber in private, public and commercial areas accumulates dirt, carbon and organic stains over time. Often it is abused with graffiti. Our team at BAL Pressure Cleaning have the experience and equipment to restore the timber and fences to its original state. With the use of specialised equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals, we can efficiently dislodge the discolouration, dirt, carbon, mould, organic stains and graffiti, returning your timber house and/or fences to its original glorious look. This also removes dead wood fibres from the surfaces. We offer periodic maintenance contract tailored to our clients’ needs and work at days and times to avoid disruptions to business and private lifestyles.

Our satisfied clients vouch for BAL Pressure Cleaning as a leading company for fences and timber cleaning and washing in Ipswich and Brisbane area. We are fully insured (20 Million). We are available all year round, everyday, evening and nights.

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