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Graffiti vandalism is a crime. It is the act of marking or defacing premises or other property without permission. Graffiti are marks, scratching or drawings on surfaces and is a national problem. It defaces and vandalises the property and takes away from the aesthetic value of the property. For a business operator, it may project their business poorly on visiting customers and can have put them off. There may be Graffiti messages that are offensive and, unfortunately in public mind, ascribed to the owner of the property.

With sophisticated equipment and fit-for-purpose biodegradable chemicals, BAL Pressure Cleaning is well resourced to tackle this menace. We have restored a vast variety of vandalised surfaces (concrete, brick, steel, painted etc) to its original state. This will discourage future attempts to vandalise your property as the “work of art” has been removed.

Our satisfied clients vouch for BAL Pressure Cleaning as a leading company for graffith removal, cleaning and washing in Ipswich and Brisbane area. We are fully insured (20 Million). We are available all year round, everyday, evening and nights.

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