Roof, Gutter and Solar Panel

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The roof of a house, business, commercial, communal facilities etc is a very visible part of a built infrastructure. The integrity of the roof is vital for structural integrity of the built infrastructure and due to the visual impact, a clean and fresh looking roof enhances the aesthetic value of the built infrastructure.

For several years, our specialists at BAL Pressure Cleaning have been restoring roof surfaces thus enhancing the value of the house, school, commercial or other built infrastructure. We are equipped, experienced, insured and ready to clean tiled, colourbond, terracotta and other types of roof. This has saved thousands for our valued clients, money that would otherwise been spent repairing or painting roofs.

We have the range of equipment to deal with any roof surfaces, solar panels and guttering. For example, tiled roofs are subjected to soft washes mixed with biodegradable chemicals which loosen mould, dirt and other contaminants which are then washed away with gentle pressure water. Colour bond surfaces washed to higher pressure clean and occasional use of biodegradable chemicals. Terracotta tiles are carefully cleaned with a combination of specialised chemicals and gentle water pressure revealing a clean surface. This inhibits the re-establishment of lichen and algae by dislodgement of spoors that inhibit the nooks and crannies of the roof tiles. Our specialists ensure that wash water does not contaminate rainwater in the home reticulation system.

Solar panels are carefully cleaned with use of gently pressured high-quality water. We can clean the entire guttering system attached to your house.

Our satisfied clients vouch for BAL Pressure Cleaning as a leading company for roof, gutter and solar panel cleaning in Ipswich and Brisbane area. We are fully insured (20 Million). We are available all year round, everyday, evening and nights.

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